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EzyCharge is proud to work with some of the biggest brands in Australia like Coffee Club, Optus, Qantas, Ladbrokes, Crown, Lottoland, Ernst & Young amongst the many others. Having supplied over 750 000 patrons at the Australian Open Tennis tournament in 2018, we’re confident to state that we can manage your event no matter what size it is.

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All EzyCharge stations can be branded with your logo, images and content to provide your guests and attendees with a visually striking and engaging experience. There is no better way than to display your brand at a station where people are engaged through necessity.

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Ezycharge ensures that every user is able to utilise the station by providing the latest hardware to maximise the users experience. Our research team is continually exploring current trends and charging technologies to ensure that we provide our users with effective charging speeds and methodologies as opposed to gimicky fads.

Still not convinced?

At Ezycharge, we understand the value of trust. That’s why we’ve managed to develop deep relationships with the biggest brands. Our sales team engages with your team for the purpose of discovering what’s best for you, not us. Our understanding of the needs of brands and their events comes from trials, tests and ongoing engagement. Our recent National roll out of our docking station to every Coffee Club in Australia is a testament to both the value in this form of operation and also in establishing the best options for our customers.

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Our Products

Ezycharge is the ONLY company in Australia and NZ that can supply all brands of mobile phone charging stations. We are the one stop shop.Whether it’s the smallest unit which caters for corporate suites and offices to the large Kiosk or locker, or even the swanky totally green solar powered umbrella charger, Ezycharge can supply it. Branded in your own colours or in the generic brand of Ezycharge. From 1 day to 1 year, there is nothing we won’t do for you. We have offices in all major cities of Australia and Auckland NZ.

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Everything You Need To Know

Become a phone charging station guru and make an informed purchasing decision.

How much does it cost?

At Ezycharge we will supply the smallest unit for a day or the biggest for a year. The choice is yours. Our small desktop units lease for as little as $5 a week whilst our large units can be a lot more than that. It just depends on what you want. lockers, kiosks desktops or floor stand models. Whatever you want and for how long you want it for, we will supply it.

Is the delivery included?

Delivery is included for long term leases but for short term hire delivery is extra. You are more than welcome to pick the product up from any of our warehouses across Australia.

How fast is charging speed?

There is no such thing as a super fast charge. it normally takes 40 minutes to charge a regular phone. Our charging systems mean that up to 16 phones can be charged at any one time which means plenty of thirsty mobile users can get their power relief.

Does it come with support?

yes , EzyCharge is the only company with offices in all states of Australia. We have units on standby waiting for you and will happily provide on site service personnel whenever its required.


Our mission is simple. We want to fill the final piece of the total connectivity puzzle. The best app, the fastest internet speed, the flashiest website, the most up to date phone, they’re all useless if you have no power. EzyCharge solves that problem. Having an Ezycharge station at your event means your customers will never have to feel that sick, awful feeling that their phone is about to run out of power. They will never miss that photo, never miss that call and never miss that chance to buy your products. EzyCharge is the only company in Australia that offers every solution to your mobile charging needs. Lockers, Kiosks, vending, free, you name it, we have it.



EzyCharge started after a guy (lets call him Russell) ran out of power at the races. A quick look around and he wasn’t the only one. He did some research and found a solution. Then he asked some friends at ANZ Stadium, SCG, Australian Turf Club, Melbourne Racing club and Westfield’s if they wanted to try out his idea. They all loved it and then they told some of their friends, and so on and so forth. Before too long Chargebox joined up and then Street Charge and after only 6 months EzyCharge has become the fastest growing company in the country that distributes mobile phone charge stations. The biggest names in Australian business have all jumped on board. Myer, David Jones, AMP, Westpac, Emirates, Qantas, Virgin, Sydney Airports, Rabobank, News Limited, Crown, The Star, UTS, UWS, Mercure Hotels, MCG, Tennis Australia, Jacobs Creek, Clubs NSW and all this after just 6 months.

Why do you need a charge station?

For venues, events, people and places


  • Solves a critical customer service need.
  • Modernises your venue.
  • Drives and retains foot traffic.
  • Improve customer enagagment.
  • Reduces strain on staff to assist.


  • Drives and engages foot traffic.
  • Generates leads and increase interactions.
  • Advertises to a captive audience.
  • Monetise with sponsors.


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